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Vemuram Pedals are made in Tokyo, Japan and are some of the finest hand-crafted boutique pedals on the market. The Jan Ray is one of our favorite overdrive pedals, which is based on a Blackface amp circuit on the "Magic Six" settings. What makes Vemuram stand out from the rest of the competition in the pedal market? External trim pots that allow you to dial in as much gain as needed, depending on what pickups you are using. 

Midwood Guitar Studio is an authorized Vemuram Pedals dealer located in Charlotte, NC. Feel free to stop by our showroom or purchase one from our web store to check one out for yourself! 
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Vemuram Jan Ray Mateus Asato Signature Overdrive Pedal - Limited Edition


Vemuram Jan Ray Overdrive Pedal


Vemuram Shanks II Fuzz Pedal


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