Bogner Goldfinger SL Superlead Head


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From Bogner:

In listening to the numerous requests, the Goldfinger Superlead features an enhanced dirty channel, with more overall gain and dynamic range. The two-way 69/80's mode switch has been replaced with a three way switch, to tailor the added gain stage, for different tones and feels. The reworked "Gain EQ" and improved "Loudness" controls add versatility, allowing the player to find their "tone" at any volume. 

The channel boosts have been replaced with a new tube circuit, which features individual boost level controls for each channel. A boost gain control with a tight/fat mode switch for the dirty channel, allows the GF45-SL to compete with any three-channel amp. 

The Goldfinger is based around the rich harmonic textures of the iconic 6V6 tube. Known for having a nice warmth and a creamy breakup at fairly low volumes, the 6V6 sings like an EL34 but has more chime for cleaner bell like tones. The Goldfinger's power amp has the finesse of a Bull Rider that knows the art of hanging loose and tight at the same time, not an easy sonic accomplishment by any means. The 6V6 power amp, when combined with the many sonic fragrances of the fine-tuned preamp circuit, offers you have a complex harmonic universe that allows your soul to get lost in.

Reinhold's Guitar System? The Goldfinger is a two channel vintage voiced amplifier incorporating Reinhold Bogner's incredible tonal flexibility. Each channel, one named Alpha, the other Omega, features multiple controls and switches to highly customize your personal sound preferences.

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