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Michael Swart, long time musician and recording engineer who owns and runs a 24 track studio located in Wilmington, NC has been using vintage tube amps of yore for live gigs and studio work. 

Vintage Vox, Fender, and Ampeg cycled though. Michael always found something missing in a perfect small recording amp for studio and home use that exhibited great tone and distortion characteristics, all the while, remaining flexible (and quiet) enough for recording use. 

Swart then started building custom tube amps to get the exact tone he wanted. The original SPACE TONE is as a result of this need for a small studio or home amp that could provide BIG tone with quality distortion when needed. The Atomic Space Tone followed and the rest is history.

These are now Michael's most requested amplifiers for studio and gig use. Each additional Swart amp has been building on this success. Indeed, the sound is only equaled by the amazing raves. Yet nothing in this text could prepare you for the tone. You're just going to have to try one and find out for yourself. You'll never go back...
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Swart AST Master Combo Tweed (Demo/Open Box)


Swart AST Pro Creamback 30W 1x12 Combo Amp


Swart Space Tone Atomic Jr.-Custom Surf Green/Ivory


Swart STR-Tremolo Amp in Tuxedo Black


Swart STR-Tweed Amp - Lacquered Tweed


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