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Jennings Guitars started with Chad Jennings building his first electric guitar at the age of 14 for an eighth grade science fair project. His father pulled out their old rusty and dust covered Shop-Smith and with this Chad crafted his first body and neck. He was immediately hooked and Chad became infatuated with everything that involved building and playing guitars.

From the age of fourteen to nineteen, Chad focused on guitar building and repair as a hobby. In 2011, Chad’s close friend Devin asked if he could have an electric bass built. With his first order, Chad began to build and create the concept of Jennings Guitar’s in his parent’s garage. He spent countless hours using specialty tools, researching methods, and practicing with trial and error methods. Through dedicated hours of difficult work, Chad was able to hone his craft as a Luthier. Through this one order Jennings Guitars slowly but surely began to build a name of quality that people could trust.

Owner and founder of Jennings Guitars, Chad Jennings, has worked as a luthier from a variety of angles. Chad became a guitar technician in the summer of 2012. He performed setups and fret levels on about 300 guitars while still working to build Jennings Guitars. In 2013, Chad left his job of doing setups and repairs to fully develop Jennings Guitars.


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