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As one of the most legendary guitars in American history, the D’Angelico guitar has transcended time. Midwood Guitar Studio is proud to be one of the premier D’Angelico Guitar Dealers in the Charlotte area. With such a long history of music excellence, D’Angelico is a cornerstone to our music offering.

Our wide selection of guitars provides our customers with many options of D’Angelico Guitars for sale.  Whether you are shopping for an acoustic or electric guitar, we have the broad range of guitars to fit every musician’s style.  We take an extreme amount of pride in offering D’Angelico Guitars.

In 1914, at 9 years old, John D’Angelico began crafting his first instrument.  He was mentored by his uncle Signor Ciani who was an expert violin and mandolin maker.  This is where John’s legacy began.  Having survived the great depression and multiple world wars, John was recognized as one of New York’s finest arch top guitar builders.  His D’Angelico guitar became well known because of his loyalty to the artist and the instrument.  This carried through after his death in 1964 and persists with the D’Angelico company and their instruments today.


With a large selection of models to choose from, such as the:

  •          Deluxe DC
  •          EX-175 Archtop
  •          EX-DC Deluxe
  •          Excel 59
  •          Grateful Dead Semi Hollow
  •          Excel SS Shoreline
  •          Premier SS Bob Weir signature model

There is an electric guitar for every musician’s taste.  If you are looking for an acoustic, you can choose from the Bowery or Gramercy lines.    

 Buying a D’Angelico guitar is not just buying the finest instrument made today, it is buying a piece of American history.  If you want to surround yourself with the greatest of sound please stop by our studio in Charlotte, North Carolina or our online store, where we have the best selection of D’Angelico guitars for sale. We pride ourselves in being a destination for musicians locally and nationwide.  

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D'Angelico EX-175 Archtop Cherry - Demo


D'Angelico EX-175 Archtop Cherry - Store Demo


D'Angelico Excel 59 Grey-Black (Demo)


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